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CEO and Founder, Carrie Shaw

How the Founder and CEO of Embodied Labs Broke the “Tech Bro” Mold, Won $50,000 from the DOE, and Turned Childhood Pain into the Next Wave of Virtual Reality

The Case for the Arts in An Increasingly Technological World

Marga Virtual Reality Goggles - courtesy of Jaunt VR

Legs dangling from a swivel chair, head strapped into virtual reality goggles, and the tips of his toes barely grazing the ground, a seven-year-old boy waved excitedly to his favorite football players, naming each and shouting out their stats as they passed by.

As the boy watched, his parents looked on with excitement and delight in his reaction. When the three of them finished the demo, I overheard the boy asking mom and dad how he could get one of those headsets so he could watch the clip again, and the parents discussing how excited they were for virtual reality to become a real part of our everyday lives.

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