Intellectual Property: A Primer for Startups

Copyright, patent, and trademark knowledge for the Creative Startups


I know ‘Intellectual Property’ are the last words you want to hear when you’re starting a company. The words you’re probably thinking about are product-market fit, users, venture capital, and growth. Try as you might, there are certain aspects of Intellectual Property (or IP) every startup should be familiar with, especially with regard to protecting your own IP and respecting the IP of others.

The Death of Kickstarter (or) Why the Crowds are Dispersing

Today I sent an email to two guys I supported on Kickstarter.  They had developed a sleek wooden standing desk and I “invested” $300.  Their campaign was successfully funded and I was delighted thinking about my new desk – to be coming by mid-December.  Then in early December they emailed saying they were making a few design tweaks and the desks would still ship out by late December.  That was 8 weeks ago.  Nary a word since.

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