Creative Startups Alum Meow Wolf Featured In The LA Times

Something about the old sprinkler pipe, the way its black metal has corroded and blossomed in bright patches of rust, puts a smile on Matt King's face.

The 31-year-old artist thinks it will look great in his latest creation, a room he has transformed into a ghost town with scrap lumber and construction detritus. His portable bandsaw growls to life as he begins cutting.

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Homegrown Creative Startup Wins National Competition

From Albuquerque Journal reporter Kevin Robinson-Avila... 

Corey Walker, founder and president of Albuquerque-based Synapse Apps, is headed to Copenhagen this week as the U.S. representative to the international Creative Business Cup competition, an annual event where creative startups from across the globe compete for industry recognition.

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Creative Startups On Display

From Albuquerque Journal reporter Kevin Robinson-Avila... 

Local, national and international startup companies showed their wares to an enthusiastic crowd of about 150 people Wednesday night at the latest “demo day” for graduates of Albuquerque’s Creative Startups business accelerator.

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Creative Startups Reports $1.5 million Raised And 80 Jobs Generated

From Albuquerque Business First reporter Blake Driver...

"Man, this goes by quick," said Adam Shaening-Pokrasso during his two-minute startup pitch on stage at the second annual Creative Startups Accelerator Demo Day in Albuquerque on Thursday.

Shaening-Pokrasso's small business was one of nine chosen for this year's Creative Startups accelerator program, which included online classes, meeting and networking with mentors, and finally a "Deep Dive" week of intensive all-day planning sessions at Downtown's Hotel Andaluz.

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‘Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen Before’ - Meow Wolf’s Art Mansion Of Fun To Open Early Next Year

From Albuquerque Journal reporter Jackie Jadrnak...

You walk through the entry and stand in the front yard of a Victorian home. All is quiet, except for the chirping of crickets.

Entering the house, you see the living room where the uncle of the family often snoozes, but a prickling disquiet from a sense of absence builds when, in the dining room, you see scorch marks and a chandelier askew, caught in some corkscrew of time.

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Alice Loy Honored At New Mexico Humanitarian Awards

From staff at the Albuquerque Journal...

Alice Loy has been named a 2015 recipient of the “Common Good Investing Humanitarian Award,” which specifically recognizes exemplary leadership in socially responsible investing that supports humanitarian purposes.

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Creative Startups Alum Etkie Featured in Elle Magazine

From Elle Magazine reporter Olivia Fleming... 

Last year, 43-year-old Dru Chackee was homeless, beading bracelets to sell to tourists in Tohajiilee, New Mexico, a community that currently has an unemployment rate above 70 percent. As each day grew to a close, Chackee, who has been beading since she was 13, would lower her prices from $25 to $10 per bracelet, simply to come away with "something." This year, however, Chackee is one of three Native American artisans beading luxury bracelets for a newly launched jewelry and social enterprise called Etkie, which brings marketing, sales, and financial resources to talented—but often underemployed—female beaders across New Mexico.

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Accelerator Helping Jump-start Creative Industries

From an article by Albuquerque Journal reporter Kevin Robinson-Avila...

Santa Fe-based Meow Wolf has spent nearly a decade uniting scores of artists in a collaborative effort to build “worlds of wonder” that can wow people from all walks of life.

The collaborative, which launched in 2008, creates massive, interactive shows with gaming and digital technology that provide story-telling tours of fantasy lands for adults and children.

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