Unexpected startup success: creatives leading the way

Do artists work alone? When we think of the artist, we often think of the “solitary genius” figure that’s been implanted in our brains over the years. Well, that’s not really true! And if it’s not true about artists, it’s especially not true about creative entrepreneurs.

Startups Beware. Or, How to Pick the Right Accelerator

Accelerators are effective. Occasionally.

And only if they deliver three key ingredients:

1.) An awesome network of successful mentors, investors, and service vendors. (Right, we all know that.)

2.) An expertise in a specific set of industries with the network that comes with that. (Yup, got it.)

3.) Experienced entrepreneurship educators and learning systems designers in place. (What? Say that again?)

Handmade by Etkie

Sydney Alfonso was born and raised in New Mexico.  With an intuitive sense of design and an ability to easily engage with artists from diverse cultures, Sydney has rapidly scaled a small startup into a growing design company.  In mid-2014 Sydney launched Etkie, a design company supporting Native American women artisans.  Etkie designers co-design exquisite products and sell these into higher-end markets, earning living wages for the women and delighting customers with unique jewelry.

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