Accelerating the success of creative entrepreneurs

Center for Creative Economy - Supporting Entrepreneurship in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Peter Marsh first met Rebeccah Byer last fall at an event sponsored by the Center for Creative Economy (CCE) in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

As the two began to talk they realized that an idea of Byer’s might just be something they could both leverage their expertise on. The idea centered on developing a new product line that took already served wine and beer bottles, and up-cycling them into glasses and barware she could then sell back to the bars.

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Alice Loy, Margaret Collins in downtown Winston-Salem.

Margaret Collins is as focused as they come. She’s known for connecting entrepreneurs, investors, governmental leaders, and businesses, and putting together workshops and seminars designed to support folks who create their own companies. And lucky for Winston-Salem, because, like many cities, it’s working to redefine itself.

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Today I sent an email to two guys I supported on Kickstarter.  They had developed a sleek wooden standing desk and I “invested” $300.  Their campaign was successfully funded and I was delighted thinking about my new desk – to be coming by mid-December.  Then in early December they emailed saying they were making a few design tweaks and the desks would still ship out by late December.  That was 8 weeks ago.  Nary a word since.

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Border crossing at Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Iván Gris is finishing his postdoc in Computer Science at the University of Texas at El Paso. For ten years he has ridden his bike 8 miles every day to attend classes, work in the lab, and as of the last couple of years, build an early stage virtual reality company.

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From Santa Fe New Mexican reporter Bruce Krasnow...

A New Mexico nonprofit is receiving national recognition for leading the way in the fast-emerging field of creative entrepreneurship.

Creative Startups has been awarded a $190,000 grant from the Kauffman Foundation, a Kansas City, Mo. based group that aims to advance entrepreneurial success.

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From Albuquerque Journal reporter Kevin Robinson-Avila... 

Corey Walker, founder and president of Albuquerque-based Synapse Apps, is headed to Copenhagen this week as the U.S. representative to the international Creative Business Cup competition, an annual event where creative startups from across the globe compete for industry recognition.

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