Accelerating the success of creative entrepreneurs

Creative Startups Alumni Meow Wolf

Meow Wolf is making leaps and bounds beyond their target goals. So what does their future look like? Here's a peek into what our 2014 Alumni is up to and how they are using what they learned to accel their startup forward.

This article originally appeared at Albuquerque Business First

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Mentor Alan Webber makes an impact on Creative Startups' cohort 12FPS

Mentors are one-of-a-kind and make the biggest difference when setting up the building blocks of any creative startup. 12FPS gained insight, redefined their mission, and more after meetings with their mentor Alan Webber. 

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Shivani and TheRightMargin team preps to present to investors during the Creative Startups Deep Dive

Shivani Bhargava from TheRightMargin share her tips and tricks to mastering your pitch, staying organized, and keeping your head up when becoming a rockstar when pitching to investors. 

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2016 Creative Startups Accelerator Applications open until July 1

The Creative Startups Accelerator program seeks entrepreneurs to apply to join its cohort of fast-growing companies in the creative industries. Just eighteen-months out of the 2014 program, the Creative Startups Accelerator cohort of companies have raised on average $152,000 in funding for their projects while benefiting from over 800 hours of mentorship from leaders in the creative industries.

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Know the rules and regulations behind funding your startup

Spinning off the previous post, Debbie Ramirez explains the multiple routes and regulations surrounding funding your startup if equity crowdfunding is not an option. 

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Creative Startups Accelerator, Helping Entrepreneurs Grow the Creative Economy

I have some history with Alan Webber, although Alan Webber has no history with me. In the mid-1990s, I was a young business journalist working at a trade magazine in Boulder. I had a plan, and Alan Webber was part of it.