Accelerating the success of creative entrepreneurs

From Elle Magazine reporter Olivia Fleming... 

Last year, 43-year-old Dru Chackee was homeless, beading bracelets to sell to tourists in Tohajiilee, New Mexico, a community that currently has an unemployment rate above 70 percent. As each day grew to a close, Chackee, who has been beading since she was 13, would lower her prices from $25 to $10 per bracelet, simply to come away with "something." This year, however, Chackee is one of three Native American artisans beading luxury bracelets for a newly launched jewelry and social enterprise called Etkie, which brings marketing, sales, and financial resources to talented—but often underemployed—female beaders across New Mexico.

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From an article by Albuquerque Journal reporter Kevin Robinson-Avila...

Santa Fe-based Meow Wolf has spent nearly a decade uniting scores of artists in a collaborative effort to build “worlds of wonder” that can wow people from all walks of life.

The collaborative, which launched in 2008, creates massive, interactive shows with gaming and digital technology that provide story-telling tours of fantasy lands for adults and children.

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From an editorial by Tom Aageson and Alice Loy published in Albuquerque Journal... 

New Mexico needs jobs.

Over the past several weeks, economic reports have come out showing that New Mexico needs higher-paying jobs, jobs that cannot be moved to lower bidding regions in the global wage race to the bottom. We need to invest in entrepreneurs building companies in growing economic sectors that align with our region’s assets.

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From Albuquerque Business First reporter Dan Mayfield...

The Creative Startups business accelerator wants the word out that the deadline has been extended to apply to be in the second round of its creative companies.

"We're looking for the companies that blur the lines between the traditional and the tech world," Blair said. "When I ask people about creative companies, the first thing that comes to mind is art, and it's so far beyond the arts. It's arts, design, fashion, music and architecture and beyond."

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Meow Wolf provides an exceptional example of the positive impact an accelerator can have on team with raw entrepreneurial talent and drive.  Prior to taking part in Creative Startups, Meow Wolf had consisted of a loose collective of artists building large scale “worlds of wonder” art installations.  But in 2011 the group erected the Due Return, a life-size ship with interactive art throughout it’s bowels.  The show attracted 25,000 paying customers and Meow Wolf realized they could become more than a collective of talented friends: they could revolutionize interactive gaming and entertainment.

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Charco Creative Industrias is not a traditional creative agency explains Jordi Castells, one of the seven co-founders. “We believe everyone is a creative with a story to tell and we want to channel the collective creativity.”  With staff in the US and Mexico, Charco is poised to become a leading media communications firm.  Offering video production, original music and graphic design, the wrap-around services allow Charco to serve a range of clients. 

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