Tom Lopez

Strategic Advisor and Investor for IT Startups
  • Science & biotech
  • Business development
  • Investor

Tom Lopez is a serial entrepreneur, having founded, successfully commercialized and sold three companies in the software sector.

With a background in advertising with J. Walter Thompson, Co, he was recruited into hi-tech as VP of Product Development with Activision, Inc., helping to take the company public in 1983.  He then started Cytation, Inc., which produced the first writer’s reference on CD-ROM.  This company was sold to Microsoft in 1986, Tom became VP of Microsoft,  and the product was released as Microsoft Bookshelf.

Tom co-founded Mammoth Micro Productions in 1988.  This company developed multimedia operating system layers for major PC OEMs like Sony, Fujitsu, JVC, Olivetti and IBM.  It also created the first interactive multimedia magazines with Newsweek Interactive, Car and Driver Buyer’s Guide, etc.  Mammoth was sold to The Washington Post Company in 1994. 

Tom co-founded MSHOW, an early web-conferencing company in 1996 which was sold to InterCall in 2000.  For the past decade, Tom has been a Strategic Advisor for and Investor in information technology startup companies.