Mary Ann Hauser

Business Coach at ActionCOACH

    Mary Ann ranks as one of the Global Top 100 Business Coaches in the World and is the owner of one of the largest ActionCOACH firms in North Carolina. Her passion lies in helping businesses grow and business owners lead while building strong workplaces where people and communities thrive.

    Each week she mentors one on one, approximate 20 businesses around the world, and she group coaches hundreds of others. She is also in the process of launching a new business called, Engage & Grow where her team will provide small and mid-size companies with the tools to measure and improve employee engagement.

    Mary Ann has been trained by the top coaches at ActionCOACH, and with the support of the Action Global resources, her Coaching, Training and Development Programs are World Class.

    In addition to her coaching firm, she is also the co-owner of a farm in Fries, VA where her family raises black perigord truffles, a gourmet mushroom typically grown in France.

    Mary Ann and her husband Kurt are partners and both coach their clients to success!

    Mary Ann Hauser - Certified "Top 100" Business Coach
    The World's #1 Business Coaching Firm