Guest Faculty

Ebba Laurin

Faculty Stockholm School of Economics

    Ebba Laurin is a PhD of Stockholm School of Economics and she is the only active PhD and researcher with a pure sales and customer engagement focus in Sweden. No one lecture by Ebba is quite the same as different groups are inspired to engage and learn in different ways. Ebba has a multicultural business background and a way of sensing what is great for your group.

    “Always be closing” is complemented with “Always be learning” in Ebba Laurin’s research and business life. Sales, business and personal growth are core topics to her in academia and as a business professional. Her doctoral thesis “Box Paradox” is unique also in international terms as it is the first doctoral thesis which combines sales and business model innovation. “Box Paradox” shows how traditional B2B companies must engage as entrepreneurs and engage the customer in business model innovation activities. Her studies focus on how to engage people, business and technology around the driving forces of customer engagement, sales and leadership. The contributions of the research are models on customer engagement and business innovation transformation that is driven by sales- The Customer Engagement Model and the Transformation by Complementary Forces Model.

    Ebba’s doctoral research provides answers to how established companies may survive and thrive in traditional markets where new entrants disrupt the game. The answer lie in the long-term customer relationship but the most important aspect of innovation is how they are engaged. The structured approach to trailing and testing new technology and new business models was driven by strategic sales development in key customer relationship and this led to business model innovation. The process is similar to entrepreneurial selling with risk-taking and building a business model based on customer understanding.

    Ebba has developed lectures on Relationship and Entrepreneurial Selling for Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. She is also a greatly appreciated teacher at Stockholm School of Economics in the bachelor and the masters programs and was one of the coaches of the Executive MBA at the executive education of SSE. Ebba also works as an independent lecturer, advisor & consultant. She is an engaging lecturer on entrepreneurial selling and the strategic role of sales in business model innovation, customer engagement and doing business in VUCA conditions (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity).

    Ebba’s management career in business has included driving development and growth in the vibrant start-up community in France and Sweden in the late 1990s. She drove customer closeness at Ericsson from her role as the Customization Director (DSLD Ericsson AB) and contributed to establishing services and the business model of enterprise engagement at Ericsson from different roles during the 2000s. She was rated as an excellent leader by her group and a structured, driven and creative colleague. Ebba published her first book on work-life balance in 2004. “Tillvarons Pussel” collects interviews on the challenges and experiences of ambitious working and living combined with limited time and energy.

    Ebba Laurin
    Stockholm School of Economics
    Handelshögskolan I Stockholm