Trinidad + Raton

Trinidad + Raton

LABS Pre-Accelerator: Spring 2019


2018 Impact Report

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You have an awesome idea – maybe you even have a few customers or the beginnings of a company ... what now?


Now accepting applications for Trinidad + Raton LABS!

You might have an idea, a vision, a belief in what you can build. But how do get there? What are the first steps? How can you make sure you tackle startup challenges effectively -- so you reach your opportunity?

Less than a half an hour apart the cities of Raton, New Mexico and Trinidad, Colorado are dynamic neighbors with rapidly growing creative communities. This year’s unique LABS brings together entrepreneurs and innovators from both communities to build a robust ecosystem of support for creatives in both states. LABS classes will take place weekly alternating in Raton and Trinidad. 

During the intensive four-week program, creative founders will learn:

  • ensuring your product meets a market demand,
  • identifying a market entry strategy,
  • pursuing early customers,
  • creating a minimum viable product.

Concepts including customer discovery and development, business formation and structures, cash flow projections, and creating a sales pipeline are covered. Startups will meet in person to work with Creative Startups faculty, mentors, and market leaders.



What is the time commitment for LABS?


At a minimum, expect to spend 2-3 hours in class once a week, plus 5-10 hours completing the online modules. 


What are the details of the in-person class?


The classes will be held once a week on a day of the week to be determined, but most likely a Saturday or Monday.  We will check with participants to find the optimal day for the cohort. One week the class will be held in Raton at the Center for Community Innovation (130 Park Ave.). The next week the class will be held in Trinidad at a downtown Trinidad location to be determined.


Do I have to live in Raton or Trinidad to be eligible?


Your business must be located in Raton or Trinidad to be eligible, although it is acceptable to live outside each city.


Community Partner

The Raton & Trinidad LABS are supported by the work of the Center for Community Innovation (CCI) in Raton, NM. Since 1997 CCI has been driven by a vision to build the leadership, partnerships, and innovative thinking necessary to cultivate a thriving local ecosystem in Northeastern New Mexico. 

Their work focuses on areas such as local food systems and renewable energy, education, and creative placemaking. Geoff Peterson is the Executive Director for CCI and was an educator during our inaugural 2018 Libraries as Launchpads cohort.