LABS Pre-Accelerator: 2020


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You have an awesome idea – maybe you even have a few customers or the beginnings of a company ... what now?


LABS Azores

Inspired by the region's verdant landscapes, rich agricultural heritage, and tradition of creative innovation and design, Creative Startups: Azores brings our LABS program to Portugal for the first time in 2020. This program is a high intensity Pre-Accelerator designed to move creative founders from idea or early revenue to business model and a path for growth.

During the intensive  program, you will focus on identifying a market entry strategy, pursuing early customers, and creating a minimum viable product. Concepts including customer discovery and development, business formation and structures, cash flow projections, and creating a sales pipeline are covered. Startups will meet in person to work with Creative Startups faculty, mentors, and ecosystem leaders. Our mentors have deep expertise across the creative industries and will include local Portuguese mentors and global mentors. 

Class schedule: 

Course on-boarding (online): April 12th - 25th

During these two weeks you'll attend a welcome call and begin familiarizing yourself with the Creative Startups material and online platform. 

Online course: April 26 - June 6th.

You'll work on the course materials at your own pace while also receiving support from your fellow cohort members, Lead Faculty, and mentors during the once-a-week group Skype calls (1 hr). 

Deep Dive: All participants join in person at StartUp Angra along with our Lead Faculty and select guest mentors from around the world. 

Friday, June 12: Welcome, 6-8pm

Saturday, June 13th: 9-4

Sunday, June 14th: 9-4

Monday, June 15th: 6-8


Can I talk to someone about the program? 


Definitely! Feel free to email (English/Portuguese) to learn more. 


How long does the program last?


Creative Startups LABS program is a hybrid online and in-person program. 

Classes schedule: 

Course on-boarding (online): April 12 - 25

Online course: April 26 - June 6th. 1 hr Skype call with participants each week

Deep Dive: 

Friday, June 12: Welcome, 6-8pm

Saturday, June 13th: 9-4

Sunday, June 14th: 9-4

Monday, June 15th: 6-8


What are the classes about?


The Creative Startups curriculum was built from scratch by creative entrepreneurs - for creative entrepreneurs. Working with Stanford faculty we have created an awesome, robust, and effective learning journey for creative founders. Topics include customer discovery and development, business formation and structures, cash flow projections, and creating a sales pipeline are covered.


What should I expect for time commitment if accepted?


Most founders tell us they spend about 10 hours/week on course work. The 4-day Deep Dive in Angra do Heroísmo is every day on location. As an entrepreneur, you know that you get out of it what you put into it!


I am the only founder of my business - can I still apply? What if I have multiple team members?


Solo founders are definitely encourged to apply! If you have team members only those who are 1) committed to participating fully in the program, and 2) integral to the strategic decisions of your organization should apply. 



Are the classes in Portuguese or English?


Right now our curriculum is offered in English and classes will be conducted in English. We have a large team of mentors that speak Portuguese and English fluently in addition to the team at StartUp Angra. 


I have a great idea for a business, but I haven't started my business yet - should I apply?


The Pre-Accelerator is a good fit for startups who are just getting started in scaling their business, or who are at the revenue stage but are not quite ready for a full Accelerator. 


My company is a few years old - can we still apply to Creative Startups?


If your company is already generating revenue, scaling, and looking to make significant and rapid steps in your growth trajectory then you might consider applying for one of our full Accelerator programs. You can learn more about the Accelerator here


Is this program restricted to only Portuguese startups?


Yes, this program is specific to startups within Portugal. Preference will be given to Azorean startups but we absolutely welcome applicants from across Portugal. Bem vindo! 


Is there a fee to participate? 


There is no fee to apply or participate but you will be responsible for your travel and lodging in Angra do Heroísmo during the Deep Dive, if needed. 


What are the selection process and judging criteria for applicants? Can someone help me with my application? 


Only complete submitted applications will be reviewed. All applications must be submitted via F6s. 

Selection criteria: We look for applications that are thoughtfully composed and that demonstrate a strong commitment to participation in the program. We also look at your startup/idea's: creative and innovative contribution to your field; scalability; market potential; team's passion and experience.


What type of creative businesses are you looking for? 


Great question! We're looking for entrepreneurs who are passionate about scaling their creative company. The creative industries include a wide range of sectors.  The thread woven throughout these sectors is creativity and culture, arts and expression. We welcome applications from all cretive disciplines, although our curriculum is not a great fit for individuals who are looking for a more traditional artist residency or arts conservatory experience. 




StartUp Angra is the official startup incubator of the island of Terceira in the Azores. StartUp Angra is committed to to building an ecosystem of innovation, creativity, and business success.