Making the Case with Robbie Nock — Creator Economy 2.0: From Influence to Impact

The Creator Economy is on fire. In the past 6 months alone, companies in the creator economy have raised a record $1.3 billion. While creators have relied on apps or big tech to earn a minuscule percent of profits, more and more are beginning to realize that they can take control and forge ahead with their own businesses. As creators take more agency and no longer have to fear shadow banning on the apps they used to rely on, they have an opportunity to impact social change.

In this Making the Case, Robbie Nock, Director of Entrepreneurship at ArtCenter and Co-chair for the Los Angeles Mayor’s Creative Advisory Board, will discuss how creators can use their authentic storytelling and influence to uplift the world around them, creating a more equitable, sustainable future.

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Special Guest Bio:
Robbie Nock is an entrepreneur and educator dedicated to creative innovation and mission-driven organizations. He is the Director of Entrepreneurship at ArtCenter and Faculty for Creative Startups. He connects art and design to business and technology, fostering founders, collaborations and partnerships. Robbie’s career began in photography and media which evolved into immersive experience design. He then founded a map-sharing travel startup and now advises a wide range of investors and partners. He serves on the Executive Committee for the Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum, the Board of Directors for Innovate Pasadena and as the Co-chair for the Creative Advisory Board for the Mayor of Los Angeles. He received an MA in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh and an MFA in Art and Technology from the California Institute of the Arts. Robbie is a practicing visual artist and lover of the outdoors where he surfs, skis and runs whenever possible.

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