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For libraries, for entrepreneurs, for the community.

Libraries as Launchpads has moved fully online for now. 

Applications for 2021 programs will open later this fall.  

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Transforming Libraries into Vibrant Economic Development HUBS
"We want to say, ‘WE’RE NOT THAT QUIET ANYMORE’ and change the perception of what a library space is and how it can be used."
Participating Librarian


The Libraries as Launchpads initiative:


Community Capacity - Library Programing - Connect and Position Libraries - Library Resources

"The Educator training & workshops gave me the perspective to be able to assist people coming in with business questions."
Librarian & Local Educator


Local Educators are trained to be a community resource:

Librarians and local Educators, identified by the community, participate in workshops and training to gain critical understanding of how to better serve creative entrepreneurs:  

  • comprehensive “train-the-trainer” program,
  • Educators course guide,
  • reference interview practice,
  • librarian business network conference calls.
"I meet people who left our community to pursue other opportunities who would have liked to come back to participate in this."
Local Educator



Entrepreneurs who went through the 4-week program report:


increased knowledge - more connections - stronger networks


"This is an incredible program.  The concepts I learned have, already in just weeks, improved the way I am running my business."
Participating Entrepreneur


Want Libraries as Launchpads in your community?

Creative Startups works with State Libraries, regional library systems, state and local government organizations, local libraries, community & friends groups, and foundations to transform their libraries into Launchpads.  Want Libraries as Launchpads in your community?



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