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Have a business idea or want to reach more customers for your creative business?

Libraries as Launchpads is a “bootcamp” styled entrepreneurship program designed for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to enter the market and gain traction or small, early stage businesses looking to grow. The program takes place over 5-weeks and includes in-person meetings in your library, online assignments and learning, peer-to-peer learning, and 1-1 feedback for startups from idea stage to early revenue.

No applications are open at this time. 

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"This is an incredible program the concepts I learned have, already in just weeks, improved the way I am running my business."
Alumni Entrepreneur



Libraries as Launchpads transforms libraries into vibrant centers for entrepreneurship:

Through this project, libraries become change catalysts, driving economic opportunity, job creation, and inclusion in their communities.



"We want to say, ‘we're not that quiet anymore' and change the perception of what a library space is and how it can be used."
Participating Librarian


Local Educators are trained to be a community resource:

Local Educators go through a 4-week training to learn Creative Startups' curriculum and approach to entrepreneurship education. They then co-facilitate with a Creative Startups faculty as they learn the curriculum and become fully equipped to teach on their own.


"I meet people who left our community to pursue other opportunities who would have liked to come back to participate in this."
Local Educator





Want Libraries as Launchpads in your community?

Are you an entrepreneur, support organization or government representative, community member, educator, or librarian who would like this program to come to your town?  Let us know you are interestretay up to date with applicaitons




Frequently Asked Questions


What are the dates and times for this round?


Application Open: No applications open at this time

Libraries: No active programs at this  time

On-boarding at your local library: n/a

In-person classes at your local library:n/a

5-10 hours a week will be needed to do assignments and watch/ready educations materials online.


Can I talk to someone in-person about the program? Will you read my application beforehand?


In-person and online info sessions are happening weekly while applications are open.  Visit our Facebook events page to find an info session that works for you!

Can't make it to any of these sessions? Please email Ginny at: to schedule a time to talk.

Submit your application by 11:59 pm MDT on August 4th and someone from our team is happy to review your applications and make suggestions before the August 11th deadline. Email Ginny once you've submitted to get feedback.


How long does the program last?


Creative Startups - Libraries as Launchpads program is essentially 5 weeks in duration. 

1-week: On-Boarding & Welcome

4-weeks: Modules 1-4 online and in-person


What are the classes about?


The Creative Startups curriculum was built from scratch by creative entrepreneurs - for creative entrepreneurs. Working with Stanford faculty we have created an awesome, robust, and effective learning journey for creative founders. Topics include customer discovery, prototyping, sales, and pitching your idea. Classes meet twice times weekly at your local library with additional time required for assignments - yep, it’s intense! 


What should I expect for time commitment if accepted into the program?


Most successful participants tell us they spend anywhere from 8-12 hours/week for the 5 weeks of the course.  As an entrepreneur, you know that you get out of it what you put into it!


I am the only founder of my business - can I still apply?


Yes. We value teams of two or more founders or partners but realize you are early on in the process!


We are a nonprofit startup - can we apply?


Yes, but note we do not take more than one nonprofit startup per cohort. 


I have a great idea for a business, but I haven't started my business yet - should I apply?


Yes, you are a perfect fit for this program!


I am already running my small business - can we still apply to Libraries as Launchpads?


Yes, you should apply!  Libraries as Launchpads is helpful for small business looking to reach more customers and explore new markets.


Is this program restricted to only New Mexico startups?


No. You are welcome to apply from nearby locations as long as you can attending in-person meetings at your chosen library twice a week.


What are the selection process and judging criteria for applicants?


After submitting your application they are sent to our judges to chose the participants.

Selection criteria includes: Creative and innovative; your vision for the future and scalability; your understanding of the market and market potential; you and your team's passion and experience.


Are there funding opportunities?


No funding opportunities for this program are currently available.


What are the "creative industries"?


The creative industries include a wide range of sectors.  The thread woven throughout these sectors is creativity and culture, arts and expression. According to the newly released, and first-ever estimates of the creative sector’s contributions to the US gross domestic product, the total output from arts and cultural production were $916 billion in 2011.


 What does the program cost?
 Libraries as Launchpads is a free program. There is no cost to participate. 



Please contact us if you have any questions!