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Libraries as Launchpads supports libraries in becoming hubs for creative entrepreneurs, building capacity in librarians as entrepreneurship resource experts.
Libraries as Launchpads

The Libraries as Launchpads Initiative Aims To


librarians and transform libraries into accessible hubs for local entrepreneurs


equity and inclusion in local entrepreneurship ecosystems


for the multifaceted value libraries provide their communities

We are your partner in building a more equitable entrepreneurship ecosystem


We collaborate with state, county, and metro areas to establish a system wide approach to ecosystem building. Through librarian training and local strategy development, equity and accessibility to business ownership is increased.


We provide training programs and workshops to enhance librarians’ abilities in supporting entrepreneurship and small business growth. Individual librarians can register to participate in calls, workshops, or certification programs.


We pursue grants that enable us to concentrate on specific regional or strategic objectives. When an opportunity arises, we reach out to eligible librarians within our network.

What We Do

Libraries as Launchpads works with libraries to fill gaps in support for local entrepreneurs through cohort-based development opportunities for librarians and library staff.

How Libraries and Librarians Benefit

Not everyone starting a business has equal access to support.

Building a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem requires advocating for inclusion and the installation of accessible touchpoints.

As a librarian, you are uniquely positioned to offer support. Libraries are:

Current Programs

Libraries as Launchpads:
Certification One

Certified Entrepreneurship Librarian – professional development program for librarians and library staff.

FOR SMALL AND RURAL LIBRARIES:  We are offering 3 free spots for small and rural libraries. If this applies to your library: Apply here by July 26th!
CENTRAL NEW MEXICO:  Thanks to a grant from the Albuquerque Community Foundation, we have 3 free spots for libraries in Torrence, Valencia, Bernalillo, and Sandoval counties. Apply here by August 15th!
In the program, you’ll work with our team of entrepreneurship and ecosystem experts, collaborate with a cohort of like-minded librarians, and engage in an intensive, hands-on program.
The outcome?
You’ll get the
expertise to ›

Support entrepreneurs

In finding the resources they need to take the next steps with their businesses

Identify gaps

In support in your local entrepreneurship ecosystem

Launch a new offering

To creative entrepreneurs through your library


With mission-aligned partners and connect with local entrepreneurial support experts


For your library as an asset for entrepreneurs

Have questions? Come chat with us!

Want to learn more? Join us for one of our upcoming info sessions with our Launchpads Team.


Valerrie PrittBusiness Librarian, Palm Beach County Library System
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"Since the Entrepreneurship Librarian training lots of great things have unfolded for me. I've been promoted to the County's Business Librarian - I'm not sure if I could have accomplished this milestone without the program. Thank you for really lighting a fire under me to think outside of the box and help our business community."
Library ManagerAlachua County Library District
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"I am still excited about every aspect of the [Entrepreneurship Librarian Certification program]. It has been one of the most relevant, informative, practical and well organized training opportunities I have ever had. It is brilliant."
Minna WimberleyLibrarian Senior, Adult Services, Southwest Regional Library
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"Libraries as Launchpads entirely changed my viewpoint on how libraries can better assist entrepreneurs. But more importantly, I learned how libraries can use entrepreneurial development tools to better serve our [patrons]. It has changed my outlook on practically every professional responsibility, [providing me] a new approach that will benefit our library programming."
Jeremy MattocksPublic Service Specialist
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"Libraries as Launchpads Certification One was fantastic! I went from knowing very little about how to serve the entrepreneurs in our community to feeling confident, informed, and ready to help."

Are you ready to grow your business?

We equip libraries to support you on the journey towards a successful business.
Certified Entrepreneurship Librarians know where to find resources and information you need to take the next steps with your business or idea. Hub Libraries host programming for entrepreneurs to test an idea for its potential to be a profitable business.

Check the map to see if there’s a Launchpad Library near you!

Want your library on the map too?​
Register for Libraries as Launchpads​

“When a patron walks in and says ‘I’m starting a business’ [our libraries] will be well positioned to support them.”

New Mexico State Librarians
Deadline to register for Cert One is September 25, 2024
Early Bird pricing runs until June 26, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

September 25, 2024
(Early bird registration payments are due by June 26, 2024)

Register here

  Early Bird Pricing Regular
One librarian per library $1,375 $1,525
Multiple librarians per library $1,075 $1,225

(Early bird registration payments are due by June 26, 2024.)

Are you a small or rural library?

We’re currently offering 3 free spots to small and rural libraries based on identified need and ability to fully commit. If this applies to your library, register here!

We’re currently offering 3 free spots to small and rural libraries based on identified need and ability to fully commit. If this applies to your library, register here!

No, any librarian or library staff person can participate in the training.

You can expect to spend at least 5 hours a week during the 8 weeks. Though, many participants have reported spending much more time.
Yes! And Maybe. We’ve had many university librarians participate in our program. As long as you want to increase your ability to support entrepreneurs – whether that be students, the general public, or a specific group of people – this program will help!

You may view this brochure containing more details about the Libraries as Launchpads program.

You can also sign up for one of our upcoming info sessions where you can chat with our Launchpads Team and answer any questions you may have.

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