Homegrown Creative Startup Wins National Competition

From Albuquerque Journal reporter Kevin Robinson-Avila... 

Corey Walker, founder and president of Albuquerque-based Synapse Apps, is headed to Copenhagen this week as the U.S. representative to the international Creative Business Cup competition, an annual event where creative startups from across the globe compete for industry recognition.

Walker won the U.S. competition this summer for a suite of apps he developed to help speech and language therapists better manage their work with children and people with disabilities. The apps have generated about $1 million in sales since Synapse began selling them online in 2010.

The company is now working to broaden its market to include all children and their parents in what Synapse calls “language rich learning.” To do that, Walker is developing a new suite of apps that will provide fun and engaging educational tools for kids in general, not just those with speech or language impediments.

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