Charco: A Story of Collective Creativity

Charco Creative Industrias is not a traditional creative agency explains Jordi Castells, one of the seven co-founders. “We believe everyone is a creative with a story to tell and we want to channel the collective creativity.”  With staff in the US and Mexico, Charco is poised to become a leading media communications firm.  Offering video production, original music and graphic design, the wrap-around services allow Charco to serve a range of clients. 

Joined by co-founder Javier Bueno at Creative Startups, Jordi reported, “One of the highlights from the recent months has been coming back and communicating to the rest of the team the results of the accelerator.  We are now finding new ways to organize as a company looking for more clients and driving up sales.”  The accelerator was valuable in other ways, too.  “I didn't expect to learn so much and make so many great contacts in a short period of time”, shares Castells, who is still in contact with mentors from the program.

Shortly after returning to Mexico City, Charco was offered a contract with a large national foundation to begin producing a video series on the creative industries.  Known for their compelling documentary projects, Charco continues to grow their sales and develop their collective creative output.  You can more of their work here.