Creative Startups delivers tailor-made workshops and seminars. Our clients have included:

  • Economic development agencies
  • International NGO's
  • Universities and colleges
  • Federal and state government agencies

Workshops are designed with your specific goals in mind and include interactive and hands-on activities leading to measureable increases in participants’ knowledge, skills, networks, and self-confidence. The end result is successful startups that raise funding, grow into new markets, and create jobs.

Workshop outcomes generally include:

  • Increasing participants’ understanding of key business and management knowledge;
  • Increasing participants’ skills in regards to launching and leading startups;
  • Expanding founders’ networks with market leaders in expansion markets;
  • Building founders’ self efficacy as business people competing in a global context.

Creative Startups’ workshops lay a foundation for a regional creative community to connect and collaborate, working together to grow through the regional creative economy. Workshops enrich the creative ecosystem through engaging regional leaders, higher education institutions, successful founders, investors, and policy leaders.

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The Creative startups workshop surpassed our expectations!