The goal of Creative Startups LABS Pre-accelerator is to get your creative venture beyond the launch stage to profitability and growth.


Creative Startups LABS is a short and sweet pre-accelerator program designed for startups just getting off the ground.   

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the LABS? Are they different in Duluth and Denver? How are they different than the Accelerator?


Our LABS program is designed for entrepreneurs in the first steps or stages of starting and growing a creative company.  

LABS in Duluth is a 4-week intensive program.

LABS for Denver Startup Week is a 4-day sprint!

Libraries Launchpads is our standard LABS program, but in person meeting will happen weekly at local libraries. For more detail on Libraries as Launchpads visit here. 

If you are working on growing your creative business and need a bit more business "smarts" LABS could be a great fit. Participants will:

  • Learn how to find and delight customers
  • Understand low cost product development methods
  • Planning for cash flow and reaching profitability

The differences between LABS and the Accelerator: (1) LABS is less than half the time commitment, (2) LABS do not cover financial statements or raising investment, (3) LABS do not have the same intensive mentor interaction as the Accelerator.

LABS program is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to discover if their startup is market-ready and determine the next steps to get there quickly and successfully. LABS will help you idenitfy your ideal customer, learn to pitch your business and connect to additional resources that will aid in your business growth. 


Who should apply?

  • Creative entrepreneurs with an idea, ready to take the next step to action.
  • Startups newly entering the marketplace.
  • Students planning a company launch.

Creative entrepreneurs with an idea, ready to take the next step to action.

Startups newly entering the marketplace.

Students planning a company launch.


Tell me about the application process.


Just like our Accelerator, the LABS have an application with limited space being offered. The application has easy questions that reveal the story behind your startup. Not only do we want to know about your creative business ideas and progress in building a company, but we want to know about you the entrepreneur.


How much does the program cost and what does this fee cover?


Our programs are underwritten by generous foundations, cities, and univesrities ~ thank you to our sponsors!

The Duluth LABS program is charging $125 per founder. If you need to request an opt-out on the fee due to financial constraints please email us.

LABS at Denver Startup Week are free! 


I'd like to find out more. Who can I talk to?


Please fill out this short inquiry form and we will get in touch. 


When will LABS in Duluth be held?

Applications Open

July 30th - Sept 7, 2018

Onboarding - Welcome meeting

Saturday Sept 29th (9am -3pm)

Classes in Duluth

4 weeks: Oct 1 - 26th

In person meetings

Tuesdays and Thursdays, evenings


What topics will be covered?


Business concepts and strategy. Your vision, mission, customers, and opportunity. MVP, sales pipeline, and much much more. We will spend time on your startup assessing the market landscape and how best to launch, grow, or pivot your idea.